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    Family Friendly Activities in Bergen County this Winter Break!

    By Cheryl Cooper | February 20, 2023

    Ice Bumper Cars – The Rink at Winter Wonderland Ice bumper cars are a new exciting way to get out on the ice at Winter Wonderland. Each session is 15 minutes long. Please arrive early for safety briefing and tutorial. Space is extremely limited, so you will only be allowed on during the time you... Read More

    Home Buyer Tips – What Deserves Your Attention!

    By Cheryl Cooper | February 13, 2023

    During the home buying process, there are certain key elements that require careful consideration and others that should be ignored. Knowing which is which will ensure you end up with a perfect property that you can love for years to come, and no unexpected surprises. When it comes to what needs to be taken into... Read More

    Why It Makes Sense To Move Before Spring:

    By Cheryl Cooper | January 26, 2023

    Why It Makes Sense To Move Before Spring Spring is usually the busiest season in the housing market. Many buyers wait until then to make their move, believing it’s the best time to find a home. However, that isn’t always the case when you factor in the competition you could face with other buyers at... Read More

    3 Practices for Selling Your Home

    By Cheryl Cooper | January 20, 2023

    Selling a home is an exciting but complex process, and it’s important to follow 3 important tips in order to get the best return on your investment. Staging your home, pricing it right and keeping your emotions in check are all key elements of a successful home sale. 1. Staging Your Home: Staging your home... Read More

    2023 Color of the year!!!

    By Cheryl Cooper | January 4, 2023

    What is Viva Magenta? “Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750, vibrates with vim and vigor. It is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, and a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration,... Read More

    Is investing in real estate really worth it?

    By Cheryl Cooper | December 5, 2022

    All hype aside, is investing in real estate really worth it? Here are five reasons why investing in real estate can be a smart move: 1. Real estate is an asset, and assets typically appreciate over time. This means that your investment is likely to go up in value as time goes on, providing you... Read More

    The Do’s & Don’ts

    By Cheryl Cooper | November 15, 2022

    DO CONSIDER YOUR SURRONDERINGS If you’re stumped on a color for your front door, look to your homes natural surroundings for Inspiration. Greens, blues, browns and other tones that appear together In nature will also work well on your house DON’T PICK A PAINT COLOR INDOORS To fully understand how a paint color will look,... Read More

    Your Fall Checklist!

    By Cheryl Cooper | October 18, 2022

    Fall is a good time to take care of big home repair projects before day light savings, and colder weather, make outdoor work too difficult. Here’s some items to check off your list this season, and you can rest easy knowing that your home and yard are buttoned up and ready for winter. Tasks to... Read More

    Where will you go if you sell?

    By Cheryl Cooper | January 31, 2023

    There are plenty of good reasons you might be ready to move. No matter your motivations, before you list your current house, you need to consider where you’ll go next. In today’s market, it makes sense to explore all your options. That includes both homes that have been lived in before as well as newly built ones. To help you decide which is right for you, let’s compare the benefits of each. Regardless of which option you choose to explore, working with a trusted real estate professional throughout the process is essential. Read More

    First Time Home Buyer Cheat Sheat!

    By Cheryl Cooper | December 2, 2022

    Are you about to embark on one of the most important journeys in your life? “First Time Homebuyer”? You may not know all these terms, but don’t worry-we’ve got you covered! Here’s a quick #cheatsheet on some of the most important home buying terms. Check out our social post for a quicker visual aide! OFFER When a... Read More